Why I Love Squarespace for My Studio Website


What’s your studio website platform?



My Music Staff?

These are common website platforms for music teachers, and there are benefits to each one.

When I built my first studio website in 2013, I chose Squarespace as my website platform.

Prior to that, I had attempted to start a website with Wordpress and eventually gave up in frustration. Like most teachers prior to 2013, I knew almost nothing about website-building. I needed something that I could figure out on my own in a reasonable amount of time.

My husband, Jeremy, told me about Squarespace. He liked their business model, their values, and their goal to make the website-building process simple for everyone.

So I took my laptop to a local brewery for several afternoons. I spent a total of about 20 hours sipping half-pints of dark beer and building my first studio website on Squarespace.

When my studio website was done, I was proud of it. It wasn’t perfect, but it looked modern and I received frequent compliments on it. And the process was almost fun!

Fast-forward a couple of years. I realized that my website no longer looked modern; it looked very...well, 2013. It was time for an update.

I went back to the brewery for more dark beer and a website overhaul. And this time the process was definitely enjoyable.

I wish I had taken screenshots of my first several studio websites. It’s fun to look back at what you’ve created - and to see how much you learn over time.

While both early iterations of my website were unpolished and very simple, they were both good online representations of my studio. I felt confident that my online image supported my professional studio image to parents.

Fast-forward a few more years, and we now run a thriving business building websites for music teachers. We are still Squarespace fans - every website we build is on Squarespace - and my reasons for loving the Squarespace platform have multiplied.

Here’s why I love Squarespace for music studio websites:

1. Squarespace Websites are Straightforward to Build

Once you invest some time in learning the backend of Squarespace (with or without dark beer nearby), it’s a fairly simple process to build a website that looks beautiful and up-to-date.

The backend of Squarespace makes sense. You can find your way around easily, and the layout of the tools is simple.  

In fact, many of our Studio Rocket clients comment on how much easier it is to make updates to their new website than they were expecting.

Technology has come so far that coding is completely unnecessary to having a great studio website. While the prospect of building a website on your own may seem daunting, you already have the skills to build one on your own - no coding needed.

It will take time and patience, for sure, but you don’t need to choose between hiring a web developer to code your website and having a studio website that is out of date or unattractive.

2. Squarespace Support is Fantastic

Even now, after spending countless hours of my life working on websites, I will occasionally be stumped by something.

Enter Squarespace support.

I can easily find an answer to my question in their extensive help library, watch a video that explains a process, or start a quick chat with a website expert who knows their stuff.

I’ve never been unable to find the answer to my problem. Usually I’m back to building in just a few minutes.

3. Responsive Design Is Built In

It’s absolutely imperative that your studio website be mobile-responsive. Having a website that is too small to read on a phone is the kiss of death for a studio website - and will make your studio look unprofessional and out of date.

The majority of Squarespace’s templates are already mobile-responsive, meaning they will shrink, expand, or change shape to look great on a phone.

Squarespace also makes it easy to see how your website-in-progress will look on a phone or tablet; you can easily switch views and make any necessary tweaks (a font that looks fine on your laptop but huge on a phone, for example, since not all fonts are mobile-responsive).

4. Squarespace Templates are Included

There is no charge for Squarespace templates.

While you do pay for a plan with Squarespace, each plan includes access to all templates.

No need to go elsewhere or shop for Wordpress themes on Etsy.

This handy chart is my favorite tool for comparing Squarespace templates. There are so many beautiful options that it can be overwhelming; rather than being seduced by one that looks pretty, you want to look for the very best functionality.

5. Squarespace is Secure

I don’t know about you, but my website’s security is very important to me - and I don’t want to have to give it a second thought.

When everything online switched over from “http” to “https,” (secure websites) Squarespace was immediately on top of this change.

All you have to do to make your website secure is click an “enable” button.

Boom, done.

The Squarespace platform is also closed source, so that means just anyone can’t build plugins for it and leave security holes in your site. The Squarespace team builds everything for the platform.

Just in case my five reasons aren’t enough to convince you to use Squarespace for your studio website home, they’re offering a 10% discount code on new websites.

This is not an affiliate post, and I don’t make any money by promoting Squarespace.

I’m just their biggest music teacher fan.  

Questions about Squarespace?

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Thanks for reading!