Facebook vs. Website: What Do You Really Need? Part 2

Want to know where Facebook may be failing your studio? 

Last week we talked about the unique value that a studio Facebook page can offer your business.

Now let’s go the other way.

In this post, you’ll see three ways that your studio’s representation on Facebook is severely limited.

You’ll also learn how those limits do not apply to your website, making it a highly-effective, powerful tool for growing your studio.

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Facebook vs. Website: What Do You Really Need? Part 1

The world is on Facebook, right?

It’s how your studio families share photos of their child performing in your recital.

It’s how parents in local Facebook groups ask for recommendations for music teachers.

It’s how we, as music teachers, network with each other.

So is it really necessary to have a website, as well? Wouldn’t it be more effective (and a lot easier) to have an active Facebook page for your studio?

In this post (and the next), you’ll learn about the unique potential of your Facebook page and website in growing the kind of studio you want.

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Quick Tip: Is Your Font Driving Website Visitors Away?

Have you ever felt irritated when you’re trying to read a website and the font is too small?

Have you found yourself skimming over large blocks of text that seem to go on and on?

Have you noticed how certain fonts let you know right away that a website is extremely outdated?

Changing the font on your website is a super easy way to update your online presence and make parents engaged with your message.

This quick tip post will give you the why and how of updating your font in just a few minutes.

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Want to Grow a Group Lesson Program? Use Your Website!

Do you offer group lessons in your studio?

Do you want to move to group lessons but are afraid of losing current students?

Are you worried about how to get new students to fill your group lesson program?

Group lessons are a huge trend in music studios right now, and for good reason. Many teachers find teaching in groups to be deeply rewarding for both themselves and their students.

However, making big changes in your studio can be nerve-wracking, as your studio families aren’t always as eager for group lessons as you are.

This post will show you how to use your website to help achieve your group lesson goals.

You’ll learn how to leverage your website to showcase your group lessons and attract new families to your studio. You’ll also learn how to use your website to demonstrate the enormous benefits of group lessons to your current families.

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