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Why work with us?

What will a Studio Rocket Website help you achieve?


What do you want your studio website to accomplish for you?

A great studio website easily attracts the attention of local parents.

A great studio website makes it easy for parents to contact you so that you can start a conversation with them.

A great studio website gives potential students the confidence that you’re the right teacher for them.


So what’s holding you back from a great website?

Technology is always changing - and can be intimidating.

As a teacher, your time is limited. It takes time to figure out what message to share with parents. It also takes time to understand the process of using a website platform.


Just how powerful is a great studio website? (Janna's story)

Last year, after many hours of website research and training, I changed a number of aspects of my studio website.

In the spring of 2017, my web traffic started to increase, and I heard from more students than I usually do at that time of year. By August, I was receiving inquiries so regularly that I was having trouble responding to all of them.

Between August of 2017 and February 2018, I enrolled 40 new students in my primary lesson program.


Can you afford a great studio website?

Let’s say that you suddenly have a website that’s doing everything you need it to for your studio.

You start hearing from the right kind of parents, and enroll an average of 5 new students per month.

That’s easily $500 per month of increased income for you.

After twelve months of enrolling 5 new students per month, you're earning an additional $72,000 per year.


What could you accomplish with that much additional income?

If you’d like to talk about your studio goals, and how a great studio website could help you reach those goals, let’s have a conversation.