What We Build

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Your website is your studio’s front door.


It’s often the first place a parent will assess your studio. A clean, inviting website tells parents that your studio is a welcoming, trustworthy place to be. 


Studio Rocket Web Design builds high-quality websites that engage parents from the moment they arrive at your home page. Parents can visualize their child’s positive experience in your studio because of the story they see on your website.



But that’s just the beginning.



The Internet is always evolving, and websites quickly become outdated. A website that is current and easy-to-read projects a relevant, professional image to parents.   


After building your website, we keep it fresh for you. Each month, you’re invited to send us current studio content, and we update your website. 


Imagine that you have some great photos of your recent recital, and you’d like to add them to your studio gallery page. You send us your photos, and we update your gallery to showcase your recital.

Or perhaps your preschool music program is about to open for fall enrollment, and you need to update the session information on that page. You send us the new information, and we update the page for you. 

We also send you monthly update reminders, as well as ideas for ways to keep your website content fresh.

A clean, professional website works around the clock to represent your studio to your community.