Studio Rocket Website Packages

Basic Launch Website

For small to mid-sized studios that want to experience moderate growth over the next year:

→ Includes up to six pages that are designed to keep parents interacting with your website

→ SEO-friendly, so that local parents can easily find you when searching for lessons

→ Showcases your photos in a way that will capture a parent’s imagination, inviting them to see their child in your studio

→ Includes clear, easy-to-find contact buttons that capture all of the information you need to follow up with parents

→ Connects to your social accounts, so parents can easily click through to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Cost: $1500

Power Launch Website


For mid-sized to large studios that want to experience more rapid growth over the next year:

→ Includes up to 10 pages in a clean layout, so parents have a clear sense of direction on your website

→ Features photos, social, and SEO as described above

→ Includes a pop-up email capture option, so that parents are strongly encouraged to reach out to you

→ Features a studio gallery, calendar, and blog (if you choose) to help keep current studio parents connected and engaged with your studio

Cost: $2500

Custom Launch Website


For large studios and music schools that want to attract large audiences and significantly increase their student numbers

→ This package includes a flexible number of pages and unique content options

→ This package can also include help with writing stand-out copy that positions your studio as unique and unparalleled in your city


  -Pricing based on custom features included-