Why We Won't Build a Website For You (unless you're a music teacher)


When building Studio Rocket Web Design, we made the conscious decision that we would only work with music teachers.

Are you a cool local band? We wish you well - but we won’t build your website.

Are you a visual artist with a growing Etsy store? There’s a great web designer out there for you; it’s just not us.

Are you a creative family photographer? We aren’t the right fit for you.

Are you a music teacher with big goals to grow and manage your studio?

Let’s talk.

Curious about why we refuse to work with anyone else? Here’s the scoop:

There are many great web designers out there.

There are many great web designers out there.


Have you ever noticed that web designers are EVERYWHERE?

All you have to do is Google “web designer for small business.” You’ll get many pages of results (my search brought up more than 200 million).

Within this endless sea of web designers, there are some great web experts to be found. They are creative, their websites are sleek and modern, and they can talk about SEO for days (all super important, by the way).

However, if you ask them how they will build your website to set your studio apart and engage parents in your area, things will begin to get a little fuzzy.

A mainstream web designer won’t be able to tell you how to get great photos of your studio in action.

They won’t be able to guide you through the process of writing content that immediately engages parents.

Why is this?

Because web designers don’t know music teaching.

Most web designers won’t know how to connect with parents, show the unique energy in your studio, help you begin to build trust with parents, or highlight a unique teaching philosophy.

The vast majority of web designers have never heard of group lessons, music labs, My Music Staff, a typical enrollment process, a trial lesson, or what kinds of questions parents have about music lessons when they visit your website.

A mainstream web designer will not how to help you reach your studio goals.

So how do we know about music teaching?

We are a husband-and-wife team comprised of a long-time music teacher (me!) and an audio engineer/tech guy.

Having taught piano for more than 20 years, I’ve built three studios from scratch and grown programs from pre-k piano to a large group piano program.

I built my first website years ago and have seen the power of what a strong website has done for my own studio enrollment.

Before launching Studio Rocket Web Design, we considered working with other types of clients - particularly in education or the arts.

Here’s what we came back to:

By focusing on helping music teachers have high-quality websites, we can offer something meaningful to a community that we’re strongly invested in.

So we decided to put all of our energy and resources into becoming the very best at building music studio websites - by building ONLY music studio websites.

Music studio websites are all we do.

And it’s paying off. Our music teacher clients have told us repeatedly that they enjoy the process of working with us. Our clients have shared that this previously-overwhelming task becomes an enjoyable journey (goal accomplished!).

Each client receives custom guides that step them through the process of writing powerful content and getting great photos. We offer feedback and help along the way, so a teacher is never on their own in coming up with excellent content.

Clients also receive a one-hour tutorial at the completion of their website, so that they are able to easily maintain their new website.

Because we work with only one client at a time, websites are built quickly and efficiently; it takes two or three weeks (depending on the website size) to launch a new studio website.

Making your life easier, less stressed, and more successful is the entire focus of Studio Rocket Web Design.

Our goal isn’t to be the cheapest, the fastest, or to work with as many clients as possible.

Our goal is to build the best music studio websites that exist - for one music teacher at a time.

Curious about what it’s like to work with us?

Let’s chat!

And if you’re not a music teacher, that’s okay. There are thousands of web designers out there who will be able to help you.

It just won’t be us.