Want to Reach Adult Students? Watch How This Teacher is Doing it.


Do you offer music lessons for adults in your studio?

While music lessons are certainly not a new trend, they have been a hot topic of online discussion recently.

There’s good reason for this. As many of us are incorporating group lessons into our studios, we are discovering that group lessons for adults are deeply rewarding - and so much fun - for everyone involved.

So how do you reach adult students to fill your classes?

I found myself asking this question recently when I decided to add adult piano classes to my schedule. How could I effectively get the word out to adults when I’d always geared my marketing toward families with young children?

I had to do some work on my website to make sure that I was attracting adults to my studio - as well as families with children.

So when a teacher from Los Angeles reached out to us this spring about building a website for her mostly-adult studio, I was intrigued. What would a studio website geared toward adult students look like?

I can’t wait to show you.

Kelly-choi-piano-teacher .jpg

Meet Kelly Choi.

Kelly is a well-loved teacher in Los Angeles who offers lessons in her studio as well as in her students’ homes. Kelly’s lessons are particularly in demand with her adult students.

Kelly’s goals:

When Kelly and I first spoke, she told me that many adults in her area of Los Angeles love music. They often see music as part of their emotional health, and may be encouraged by a therapist to pursue music lessons. They are investors, music producers, housewives, and doctors…and music is a valued part of their lives.

What Kelly was missing: a website to consistently connect with potential students.

Kelly also expressed that she needed for students to take her studio policy more seriously, so she wanted her studio policy to be front and center on her website.

Kelly wanted incoming students to know exactly what to expect from her and her studio.

Kelly’s design:

Kelly didn’t have typical photos of her studio or her students, but she had a gorgeous set of professional head shots. We decided to keep things streamlined and elegant, focusing on her head shots as the basis of her design.

When we asked Kelly about design inspiration, she shared the website of a photographer who does simple, stunning work. We began designing Kelly’s website with a similar feel of simplicity and elegant style.

Because Kelly’s studio policy was a driving element of her website, we put a link to it in the footer of her site. This allows students to access the studio policy on every page - and to quickly download it for easy access.

Here is a peek at Kelly’s finished website:

Your Turn

How do you attract adult students?

Does your studio website attract both adults and families with kids? Or primarily one or the other?

I’d love to hear what’s working for you.