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Expert Roundup: How Your Favorite Teachers Use Social Media

To round out this series on staying connected with your studio, Megan Desmarais and I have teamed up to interview a few expert teachers on how they use social media.

We asked each teacher three simple questions about what they use, what goals they are able to achieve, and how they stay consistent on their chosen platform.

We received some fantastic answers - including a few we weren’t expecting!

Here’s what Marie Lee, Sara Campbell, Amy Chaplin, Nicola Cantan, and other experts had to say:

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Your Website: Business Card or Power Tool?

A few years ago, your website was likely a simple online presence that listed what you offered and how to contact you - a virtual business card.

Today, though, you can expect far more from your website.

It's a powerful tool for attracting new students, educating parents about music lessons, sharing your policies, connecting with new families, and showcasing the unique qualities of your studio.

Your website is also capable of helping you manage your studio with ease. You can offer tuition payment options, scheduling, enrollment, interactive calendars, and share parent resources.

In this blog post, you’ll see how a teacher in Southern California used a website reboot to prepare for huge studio growth by taking her website from business card to power tool.

You will learn how to use these same techniques to increase the power of you own website and make your job much easier.

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Meet Your New Administrative Assistant

Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and have an administrative assistant?

For those of us who have just begun the new teaching year, this is a season full of creating lesson plans, enrolling new students, collecting tuition, and educating families about studio policies.

Do you find these tasks to be time-consuming and energy-draining?

Particularly if you’re introducing new programs to your studio this year (group lessons, anyone?), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the administrative tasks that are necessary.

Meet your new administrative assistant: your studio website.

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Leila Viss + 88 Piano Keys

Are you are active in online piano teaching communities? If so, you probably know of Leila Viss.

Leila is known for helping teachers infuse their teaching with creativity. For example, she literally wrote the book on using the iPad in your piano studio. And Leila is a primary reason why piano students everywhere are hooked on bucket drumming.

Leila also heads the 88 Creative Keys Workshop in Denver each summer, along with Bradley Sowash, which is the most inspiring event I’ve ever attended as a teacher.

Leila wears many important hats in the field of piano pedagogy, including teacher, clinician, blogger, and consultant.

We were excited when Leila asked us to build a new website for her, and can't wait to share it with you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

→ How we created a clear path for Leila’s website

→ Why it’s vital that YOUR website has a clear path

→ How to build that clear path for your website visitors

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Create Graphics for Your Website in 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking for an easy way to take your website design to the next level?

If you are able to design your own simple graphics, you’ll bring a polished, professional edge to your website.

You can also use these steps to create graphics for newsletters, recital programs, and other studio materials.

Creating graphics for your studio materials may seem intimidating at first, but it's actually an easy process. It’s a great way to customize your studio materials and make your message stand out.

What you’ll need:

→ Your computer

→ Thirty to sixty minutes to practice (see what I did there?)

Since you’re usually on the teaching side of the learning process, enjoy this opportunity to learn a new skill!

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