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Want to Reach Adult Students? Watch How This Teacher is Doing it.

Do you offer music lessons for adults in your studio?

While music lessons are certainly not a new trend, they have been a hot topic of online discussion recently.

There’s good reason for this. As many of us are incorporating group lessons into our studios, we are discovering that group lessons for adults are deeply rewarding - and so much fun - for everyone involved.

So how do you reach adult students to fill your classes?

I found myself asking this question recently when I decided to add adult piano classes to my schedule. How could I effectively get the word out to adults when I’d always geared my marketing toward families with young children?

I had to do some work on my website to make sure that I was attracting adults to my studio - as well as families with children.

So when a teacher from Los Angeles reached out to us this spring about building a website for her mostly-adult studio, I was intrigued. What would a studio website geared toward adult students look like?

I can’t wait to show you.

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Leila Viss + 88 Piano Keys

Are you are active in online piano teaching communities? If so, you probably know of Leila Viss.

Leila is known for helping teachers infuse their teaching with creativity. For example, she literally wrote the book on using the iPad in your piano studio. And Leila is a primary reason why piano students everywhere are hooked on bucket drumming.

Leila also heads the 88 Creative Keys Workshop in Denver each summer, along with Bradley Sowash, which is the most inspiring event I’ve ever attended as a teacher.

Leila wears many important hats in the field of piano pedagogy, including teacher, clinician, blogger, and consultant.

We were excited when Leila asked us to build a new website for her, and can't wait to share it with you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

→ How we created a clear path for Leila’s website

→ Why it’s vital that YOUR website has a clear path

→ How to build that clear path for your website visitors

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