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Pass the Cake: What We've Learned About YOU in Our First Year

Happy birthday to us!

We launched Studio Rocket Web Design one year ago, and it’s been an exciting ride.

We’ve all heard that the first several years of a new business can be...well, rocky. The last time I truly launched a new business was more than twenty years ago when I started teaching piano.

So we didn’t know what our first year would involve - other than a lot of hard work and the ability to be flexible.

But this first year of offering web design for music studios has exceeded our expectations - in so many good ways.

Our clients have been wonderful, our conversations and connections with you have been meaningful and rich, and we’ve enjoyed some exciting collaborations with some superhero teachers (among them this podcast, this blog article, this other blog article, and this guest blogger’s stint that resulted in this memorable rockstar feature).

We have learned so much through conversation and working together.

[Cue “Getting to Know You” from The King And I.]

Want to know what we’ve learned about you?

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