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How Much Should I Spend on My Studio Website?

What does a great studio website cost?

When you think about the cost of building an excellent website, what comes to mind?

Is it many dollar signs?

The world of web design can feel complicated and expensive, and you may not know where to start - or what’s a fair price to pay for your website.

The truth is that you can spend almost any amount you can imagine on a website - from $0 to beyond $10,000.

But what do you NEED to pay for a great website? (hint: it’s probably not $10,000) The answer primarily depends on what you are willing to invest, and that comes down to time and money.

This blog post will:

→ Lay out the three primary options for building a website

→ Show you a general price range for each option

→ Give you a realistic picture of the pros and cons for each option

→ Help you decide what is the best fit for you and your studio goals

Here’s a look at what you can plan to invest in a studio website:

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