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I'm Leaving My Thriving Group Studio and Starting Over. Here's My Plan.

As I’m writing this, we are two weeks from moving from North Carolina to Eastern Washington.

We’ve been in North Carolina for 10 years, so as much as I’m excited about moving to a new home, I’m saddened to leave behind a studio of families I know and love.

As entrepreneurs, we have the luxury of moving because we want to - and that’s exactly why we’re moving. We’re ready for a new adventure, we love the Northwest, and my family lives nearby.

As entrepreneurs, a cross-country move is thrilling…and also terrifying.

We aren’t moving to a new job. We are leaving behind my thriving studio, which is wait-list-only. My website has been organically on page 1 of piano lesson results for my city for a long time now, and my reputation is well-established.

We’re moving to a new city where we don’t know anyone but our real estate agent.

And yes, I will be rebuilding my studio in our brand new city just as quickly as I can.

What does this have to do with you?

All of us started from scratch at one point. Many of us start over at least once in our teaching careers.

Traditionally, it takes a long time to establish and build a studio in a new location. Word of mouth doesn’t bring in a full studio within the first month, and most teachers are dependent on another income (from another job or from a partner) while they rebuild.

So here’s your front-row seat to a studio rebuild that will happen quickly.

You will find this particularly helpful if you find yourself in the position of:

→ Starting over

→ Building your first studio

→ Increasing your studio size quickly

→ Finding yourself unable to rely on another source of income

Here’s a front-row seat to my studio adventure.

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Quick Tip: 3 Things You MUST Do Before Launching Your Website

So you’ve invested many hours of your life building a beautiful new studio website that you are tremendously proud of.

Or perhaps you are in the middle of updating your website so that it reflects where your growing studio is headed.

Either way, there are 3 things you absolutely must do before launching your website. They will ensure that your website is ready to represent you well - and are quick to implement.

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Worried About the Economy? Protect Your Studio by Doing These 4 Things.

Are you worried about the economy?

How did the last recession affect your studio?

The current rumors of another economic downturn instantly bring feelings of anxiety for many of us.

Here’s the bad news: the economy will take another hit - and then recover again - because that’s what economies do. And the internet isn’t doing much to calm our fears about it, either.

Here’s the good news: the internet will make it easier for you to attract a steady stream of students through the next economic downturn.


Through your studio website.

Here are 4 things you can do to get your studio ready to thrive through the next economic downturn:

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10 Web Design Terms You Need to Know to Keep Your Website Relevant

Do you ever feel like people who talk knowledgeably about websites are speaking a different language?

Do you wish you understood more about your website and how to make sure it’s up to date?

In the next five minutes, you will learn ten web design and technology terms - and why they’re important for your website and your studio.

Here’s your web expert cheat sheet:

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A Superhero Website in 5 Steps

Do you have a studio website?

If so, picture your homepage.

How does it make you feel?

Are you proud of how it represents your studio? Is it helping you reach your goals? Does it consistently bring you new students?

Is your website your studio superhero?

Just a few years ago, your website was probably a fancy online business card. It let parents know that your studio existed in their town.

Website technology has come a long way since then. Now your website can easily be your most powerful tool for studio growth - and even has the potential to help you manage your studio.

If your website is not actively helping you reach your studio goals for the year, it’s time to invest some effort in improving it.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry; we’re about to break it down into 5 simple, achievable steps.

Grab a cup of coffee, silence your phone, and get ready to amp up the power of your website.

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3 Quick SEO Tips to Help Parents Find You

Does the idea of working on your website’s SEO make you nervous?

Are you wondering what SEO even is?

Are you looking for some quick ways to improve the SEO of your studio website?

SEO is important to understand, because it gives you control over how easily parents find you. It’s a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.


In this post, I’ll give you:

→ A quick rundown on SEO, and why it matters to your success

→ 3 quick, easy-to-use tips on improving your website’s SEO

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