Spring Clean Your Website in 10 Days: Part 3


When was the last time you cleaned up your website?

Styles and trends online change quickly. Your studio website can start to look a bit dated before you know it.

The good news: you can keep your website looking fresh and up-to-date without spending a ton of time!

Here’s what you’ll need:

→ Thirty minutes (or a bit more) per day for 10 days

→ A spring cleaning checklist with easy-to-follow instructions (this blog post!)

New to this spring cleaning series? Check out part 1 and part 2 before diving into this final post.

If you’re caught up and ready to finish making your website sparkle, read on.


Day 7: Replace Outdated Content + Colors

Depending on how much you’ve accomplished over the previous six days of spring cleaning tasks, you might already be in great shape for today’s assignment.

This is the time to thoroughly look at all of your content if you haven’t already done so.

Is anything outdated?

Is there information on a program that no longer exists?

Are any old dates or events cluttering your website?

Has your policy changed three times since the posted version?

Next, take a step back and look at your website colors.

What are the main colors you’re using?

Do you love them?

Do your colors represent the current feel of your studio?

Choosing a new color or two to accent your photos can do a lot to brighten up your website.

Have fun with this part!

Day 8: Points of Contact

Today we’re going to double-check how potential families reach out to you.

Start with your contact form.

Are you getting exactly the information you need from new inquiries?

Do you want to add a phone number field? Or a place for ages of children?

Customize your contact form to get exactly the information you want.

Next, be sure you have at least one contact button on each page - and that it’s super easy to find.

Interested in reading more about the importance of your contact buttons? Here’s a quick blog post about it.

You can also add an email button along with your social media buttons. This gives parents another quick option for reaching out.

Finally, double check to be sure that each button actually leads to the contact page.


Day 9: Be Social + Check Everything    

Do you have a studio Facebook page? An Instagram account? A Pinterest board?

Be sure that you have buttons on your website leading to your current accounts, and that those buttons are easy to find. You might also want to update the shape and color of your buttons - particularly if you’ve updated other colors on your website.

As mentioned above, you can also include an email button. This gives parents every opportunity to reach out to you.

You’re almost finished! It’s time to check absolutely everything:

→ Spacers

→ Links

→ Photos

→ Spelling and punctuation

→ Overall flow

→ Mobile (How does your website look on your cell phone? Do you need to tweak anything?)

Day 10: Get Feedback

You’ve worked super hard and your website is looking great!

Today’s job is for your friends and family.

Send the link to your website to at least 10 people. Ask them to visit your site and let you know how their experience is.

If you want REALLY valuable feedback, create a quick Google survey for them to fill out (it’s worth the ideas you’ll get, I promise).

Once you’ve shared your website and incorporated the good feedback you receive, go get a glass of wine or a cup of tea and congratulate yourself on a website that now represents you well!

Please tell me:

How was your spring cleaning experience?

Was this list helpful?

Which day was the most fun?

Which day was the most challenging?

Thanks for reading! Please share this spring cleaning post with any teacher friends who might appreciate it.

Title photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash