Quick Tip: The $1000 Contact Button

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How do parents contact you?

Let’s say that a parent is on your website. They like what they see, and they’re ready to reach out.

Does it make a difference how they get in touch with you?

This quick tip post will show you:

→ The $1000 difference a contact button can make

→ How to use contact buttons to hear from more parents than ever before


Why A Button?

Our brains are hard-wired to crave familiar experiences.

As our brains keep up with the fast-moving pace of the changing internet, one thing we’ve learned is that clicking on buttons produces results.

When you read about a product or experience online, your brain expects to see a button that leads to getting that product or experience.

Without the button, our brains actually feel a bit lost!

How Does This Help My Website?

So when a parent likes what they see on your website, their eyes will naturally be drawn to a button. If that button says, “Schedule my free trial lesson,” “Learn more,” or “Enroll now,” the parent is able to immediately take action and reach out to you.

However, if they have to stop reading, scroll up, locate the “Contact” page in your navigation bar, and click over to it, they may decide to go elsewhere and come back later to follow up.

And, just like that, they’ve left your website.

They may return. They may not return.


The $1000 Contact Button

Let’s say that a parent visits your website and you have big, clear contact buttons on every page. The parent is intrigued by your beautiful, engaging website, sees the contact button, and clicks.

You hear from them, have a trial lesson, and they enroll.

That’s around $1000 in annual tuition that you just earned through your contact button.

Test Drive Your Contact Button

Once you have your contact buttons in place, remember to visit the front end of your website and click on each button. Make sure they all lead to your contact form.

Become a Button Expert

Want to geek out over contact buttons? This article will help you learn everything you might want to know about making your contact buttons highly effective.

Your turn:

Do you already have contact buttons on every page of your website?

If not, what’s holding you back?

Want to geek out over best shapes, colors, and text to use on contact buttons?

I’d love to chat with you!