Quick Tip: Is Your Font Driving Website Visitors Away?

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Have you ever felt irritated when you’re trying to read a website and the font is too small?

Have you found yourself skimming over large blocks of text that seem to go on and on?

Have you noticed how certain fonts let you know right away that a website is extremely outdated?

Changing the font on your website is a super easy way to update your online presence and make parents engaged with your message.

This quick tip post will give you the why and how of updating your font in just a few minutes.

Why Font Matters

Take a minute to read this website page:


Now, without looking back at it, how much of the content do you remember?

Probably not a lot.

Because the font in this example is small and grey, your eyes most likely started to skim immediately. Because the paragraph is in one block, rather than divided into smaller thoughts, you probably jumped to the end before reading everything.


Here's the same block of text using an example of an outdated font (still in a small size). It communicates that the website has likely not been updated in many years, and implies that the business is also lagging behind.

Make Your Font Work for You

Now look at this version of the same page:


Without looking back at it, how much can you recall?

Using a larger, clean font keeps parents’ eyes tracking with your text. The font is updated and clean. Breaking your information into shorter paragraphs will help parents to stay engaged with your message.

If your font is small, outdated, or in a light color, making this quick change will significantly increase your odds of keeping parents scrolling through your content - all the way to your contact page.

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