Why Photos Make or Break Your Website, pt. 1 + GIVEAWAY!


A studio website follows a simple formula if you break it down:

Images + written content + contact method = studio website.

But it’s not as simple as a formula, is it? Just having images, copy, and buttons that lead to a contact page do not equal a great website.

It is vital that these elements are crafted to work together to capture a parent’s imagination, tell the story of their child’s experience in your studio, and lead them to contact you.

This post will show you why the images you use on your studio website have a huge amount of power.

And, to help you get the very best studio photos for your website, we are excited to share a gift with you: Your Guide to Stunning Website Photos.

This guide is a collection of our very best pro tips for getting photos that will make your website stand out. You can get it at the end of this post!

So let’s dive in. Why do website photos matter so much to your success?

6 Reasons Why Great Studio Photos Are Essential to Your Website:

1. Your website is your strongest connection to your community

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in 2018; finding a new service begins on the Internet.

Whether you are finding the perfect restaurant for your anniversary dinner, a new hair stylist, or a dentist who takes your insurance, you begin almost every search for a business or service online.

Gone are the days of reaching for the Yellow Pages to find what’s offered in your community.

Even if a parent receives your name and number from a friend, they will search for you online before contacting you. It’s almost guaranteed.

Once you find a business listing that captures your interest, the first five seconds on their website is most likely to determine whether that business will see you.

This is also true for your studio.

Having a website that is full of text, loads slowly, or lacks a single photo of a person playing an instrument will be a strong deterrent to a parent who is looking for piano lessons. They will most likely move on to another studio in town whose website gives them a sense of personal connection.

2. Parents judge a studio by its website

So what do you want your first impression to be?

Imagine greeting a new family at the door of your studio in your bathrobe, slippers, and with bedhead. Ridiculous, right?

We all know how important first impressions are. On the days that I have a trial lesson scheduled, I find myself reaching for a slightly more professional outfit. Even if I don’t know yet whether I want to work with this family, I want to make the best first impression possible.

But it’s already too late for my first impression.

My first impression was made when the parent visited my website. The parent has already seen me, my students, and my studio setting. They’ve already learned about how my studio is focused on engaging children, that I work with both kids and adults, and that my studio offers solely group piano.

Most importantly, these parents already know that kids are part of a community in my studio. They know that we play bucket drums, do music-related art projects, laugh together, and make friends with each other.

How do they know all of that?

Because the images on my website show everything I just named.

You get to decide what your first impression is - and that happens primarily through your photos.

3. Your images tell a story that your words never will

Apart from the short attention span that we all have when reading information online - and the obvious ramifications this has for parents read information on your website - your images hold far more power than your words.


You are talking with a potential studio parent on the phone. They want to know what a group piano lesson is like, so you do your very best to describe it.

“A group piano lesson typically includes four children. They are each at their own piano, and they are playing, as a team, the music they’ve practiced on their own throughout the week. They are learning to listen, think independently, self-correct when they make mistakes, and they’re having a great time doing it.”

I’ve said that to parents, and they are intrigued. It’s a new and interesting concept, different from how they’ve pictured - or experienced - piano lessons. But it’s still hard for parents to picture how lessons look in your studio and why they’re unique.

Now imagine that, instead of hearing you talk about group piano, parents see this image on your website:

Photo by Rosario Vila

Photo by Rosario Vila

That parent has an immediate sense what a group piano lesson looks like - and they are imagining their own child playing with these young musicians.

Your website images are capable of telling parents a story that is far more powerful than words.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll be back with 3 more key reasons to invest in great website photos.

In the meantime, you may be thinking, “This is all helpful, but how do I get great photos?

Glad you asked.

We’ve put together an easy, step-by-step guide to getting fantastic studio photos for your website. It will help you tell a powerful story through your website photos, and it’s absolutely free:

Thanks for reading this post!