Pass the Cake: What We've Learned About YOU in Our First Year


Happy birthday to us!

We launched Studio Rocket Web Design one year ago, and it’s been an exciting ride.

We’ve all heard that the first several years of a new business can be...well, rocky. The last time I truly launched a new business was more than twenty years ago when I started teaching piano.

So we didn’t know what our first year would involve - other than a lot of hard work and the ability to be flexible.

But this first year of offering web design for music studios has exceeded our expectations - in so many good ways.

Our clients have been wonderful, our conversations and connections with you have been meaningful and rich, and we’ve enjoyed some exciting collaborations with some superhero teachers (among them this podcast, this blog article, this other blog article, and this guest blogger’s stint that resulted in this memorable rockstar feature).

We have learned so much through conversation and working together.

[Cue “Getting to Know You” from The King And I.]

Want to know what we’ve learned about you?


1. You’re more tech-savvy than you think

Okay, first: many of you enjoy technology. You enjoy the challenge of building and maintain your websites, incorporating the latest tech tools into your studios, and staying current with technology trends.

I’m referring to those of you who feel like you don’t understand technology - and may feel a bit intimidated by it.

Some of you have been our clients, and we are frequently amazed at how quickly you catch on to tasks like uploading or sharing via Google Drive or Docs - or managing the back end of your website.

You tend to catch on quickly during the website tutorial that you receive with your new website, and we’ve seen some of you go on to add blogs, new information, photos, and videos to your websites as you grow.

This may be yet another benefit of being a musician. We’ve been trained to think independently and to problem solve. As musicians, we value the process of learning - one practice session at a time! - and it makes good sense that we carry these skills into other areas of our lives.

Whatever is behind it, if you feel nervous when you think of learning a new skill online or tackling a technology challenge, know this:

You are more tech-savvy than you think you are. We’ve seen it.


2. Writing content for your website is a big, big task

Our goal with each of our clients is to make the process of having a website built as enjoyable as possible. After all, you’re paying someone else to take this huge task off your plate and to hand you a beautiful, easy-to-use website.

Part of your job as a client, though, is to create content that makes your studio stand out online. This means each client has two important tasks before we begin building:

1. Getting great photos of your studio and students

2. Writing excellent copy (text) that pulls parents into your lesson experience

These are not small tasks.

We’ve created guides for both of these (if you don’t already have it, you can download our client guide to great photos at the bottom of this post) to make the process clear and straightforward.

But it’s still challenging to write high-quality content. It’s a tall order to sum up your years of expertise, unique studio experience, teaching philosophy, and any introductory details you want parents to know - and then to present it all in simple, engaging paragraphs.


3. You dream bigger than we’d realized

We’ve had exciting conversations with many of you about your studio goals, and the one thing that continues to surface in each conversation is that you are GOING places.

You have goals for studio growth, for group lessons, for online lessons, for preschool music programs, for streamlining what you do so you’re focused more on an area you really love…

You have big goals. You know what you want to do and you’re committed to getting there.

This has been one of our favorite parts of building websites for you: we get to help you reach your goals faster.

I recently saw this comment from one of our clients on Facebook:

“Rebuilding my website with you was the best thing I did in 2018 and is proving to be the best thing for 2019. We added 30 plus students in January and currently are waitlist!”

(you can check out her website if you’re curious)

Helping music teachers achieve their biggest goals is the best success we can possibly know.

Oh, and you know what you’ve heard about the first year of business involving a ton of work?

It’s true.

Studio Rocket Web Design has taken over parts of our life in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Luckily for us, it is well worth every minute. We love building websites for you, talking with you, and sharing what we know on this blog.

We’ll be here for a long time, and we look forward to getting to know you better.