Our Favorite Websites of Spring 2019


As a musician, how do you stay inspired?

As a teacher, how do you inspire your students?

As creatives, inspiration is vital to our drive to create, learn, teach, and grow.

When you think of working on your studio website, you probably look at other music studio websites for inspiration. And there are some great websites to draw inspiration from.

But one thing I’ve learned as the owner of a music studio: it’s imperative to my perspective that I also draw inspiration from beyond my own world.

So today’s blog post will show you some fantastic inspiration in the world of web design.

You’ll see websites from a wide range of industries and professions (although - confession - they all have something to do with the arts), and you’ll see how each one can inspire your work on your own studio website.

Enjoy, take notes, and steal the ideas you love!

Website: Elim Chan, Conductor

Why We Love It:

Elim Chan’s website is ridiculously slick and stunning. The way the elements load on the homepage, the crisp colors and shapes, the use of the Serif font...it all makes for an experience of pure pleasure.

Bonus tip: go to any other page on the website and use the cursor to “conduct” in color. It’s beyond cool.

Inspiration You Can Steal:

1. Bold colors: As long as you stick to one bold color (or two at the most), rich or deep tones can make your content pop.

2. Crisp photos and shapes: Cluttered photos are hard to avoid when photographing music lessons. Eliminate clutter and ask your photographer to focus on just one thing (a student, a shared laugh, the energy in a circle of kids) in each shot.

Website: Lazy Dancer Tips

Why We Love It:

Lazy Dancer Tips has honed in on their target audience and, while I can’t see their numbers, I’m positive that they are highly effective at connecting with that audience. The vibe is friendly and inviting; the colors are warm and enhance their message.

And those gradient buttons? I want to click on them immediately.

Inspiration You Can Steal:

Get inside the heads of your audience as much as you can before writing the copy for your website (more on this coming soon on the blog). Every sentence on the Lazy Dancer Tips site is crafted to connect with a specific kind of person - from the greeting to the button language.

Now take a minute and count the sentences on the homepage. There are VERY few! And yet you come away with a good picture of what Lazy Dancer Tips offers.

Use your words wisely; don’t overload parents with paragraphs because I promise you: your carefully-crafted-but-lengthy paragraphs won’t be read.

Website: Ping Zhu

Why We Love It:

Brilliant color + white space.

Ping Zhu is an amazing illustrator in Brooklyn, NY. Her website makes me feel happy, curious, and excited.

Or, more to the point: Ping’s website makes me feel. And my favorite websites will always be the ones that make me feel.

Inspiration You Can Steal:

Color can be a great way to add excitement and warmth to your website, while white space gives the color room to breathe, be noticed, and make an impact. If everything is crammed together, your brain will tend to block things out and your eyes will start skimming.

Use white space - even in small amounts - around the other elements in your website. Give each element room to shine and catch the attention of your audience.

Bonus tip: See the gradient white dot next to Ping’s name in the tab of your browser? That’s her favicon, and it’s both simple and eye-catching. The favicon is a great place to have a little fun with your design and distill your studio’s brand down to a simple image.

Website: Sunset Sound Studios

Why We Love It:

This is an iconic recording studio in Los Angeles. How do I know? All I have to do is land on their homepage. The video montage that plays across my computer screen is mesmerizing, and I immediately lose myself in another time and place.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll have just two options: book a session or tour the studios. That’s it. Simple, beautiful, clear.

Inspiration You Can Steal:

A video at the top of your homepage is a great way to immediately showcase what you offer. No long or fancy slogans needed. You will immediately draw parents into your studio and hook them.

But use caution: video drags down the speed of your website. Make sure your video is a small enough file that it’s not causing your homepage to load slowly - you’ll lose your audience immediately if they have to wait for it.

This article from Viget.com contains helpful guidelines for keeping your website running smoothly around a background video.

Website: Spotify

Why We Love It:

When you arrive at Spotify.com, you’re greeted with bright colors in a simple graphic and the phrase “Music for Everyone.”

Now that’s clear marketing.

“Millions of songs. No credit card needed.”

You’d better believe I’m ready to click that bright green button that allows me to get Spotify.

Simple, straightforward options. Minimal words. Welcoming, warm colors and zero distractions.

Spotify is hooking me - and I’m a hardcore Apple fan.

Inspiration You Can Steal:

Distill your message to one simple phrase and make everything in your design support that one simple phrase.

Easy to say, hard to do. But if you get this right, you will have a high rate of success in attracting new families to your studio.

Just ask Spotify - or their 87 million users.

Your Turn:

Do you have favorite websites that you turn to for inspiration? Share them below; we’d love to see what inspires you.