Is Your Website Driving Parents Away? Take This Quiz.


Have you ever wondered how your website appears to parents?

It can be difficult to see your own studio website with the eyes of a parent who is visiting your site for the first time.

Take this quick, 5-question quiz to find out if your website is engaging parents or driving them away.

(On a mobile device? Take the quiz here.)

How did you do?

→ 25 points: You’re a pro at engaging your parent audience! Well done!

→ 15 - 20 points: You’re well on the way to having a powerful website. Set aside some time each week to step up your website game and it will pay off in huge ways.

→ 0 - 10 points: You have an online presence, which is a step in the right direction. Setting aside an hour or two each week will give you a website that is a powerful tool in reaching your studio goals.

Be sure to click “view my score” for some helpful tips on where to go next with your website.

I hope this quiz has been useful AND fun. Let me know if you enjoyed it - and if you have questions about how to keep parents engaged on your website.