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Our Top 4 Tips for Writing Stand-Out Copy

Want to know what will drive a parent away from your studio website?

Too many words.

We are constantly confronted with words online, so our brains have adapted by skimming.

(Don’t think you skim online? Spend 2 minutes on your Facebook newsfeed.)

The words on your studio website need to be incredibly powerful. Your words have the ability to grab a parent’s attention, capture their imagination, and show them what’s unique about your studio.

It takes some persistence - a willingness to write, edit, and edit some more - but your copy is arguably the most powerful element of your website.

It’s worth the time to get your words right.

Here are our 4 top tips for writing copy that will grab your audience:

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Want to Stop Explaining Music Lessons to Parents?

Have you ever wondered how much information you should share on your website?

Do you feel like you spend too much time explaining music lessons to potential studio parents?

Do you wonder if you should share your policy on your website, or if that would only discourage potential parents from contacting you?

A studio website that uses clear, concise language will do two valuable things for you...

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