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I'm Leaving My Thriving Group Studio and Starting Over. Here's My Plan.

As I’m writing this, we are two weeks from moving from North Carolina to Eastern Washington.

We’ve been in North Carolina for 10 years, so as much as I’m excited about moving to a new home, I’m saddened to leave behind a studio of families I know and love.

As entrepreneurs, we have the luxury of moving because we want to - and that’s exactly why we’re moving. We’re ready for a new adventure, we love the Northwest, and my family lives nearby.

As entrepreneurs, a cross-country move is thrilling…and also terrifying.

We aren’t moving to a new job. We are leaving behind my thriving studio, which is wait-list-only. My website has been organically on page 1 of piano lesson results for my city for a long time now, and my reputation is well-established.

We’re moving to a new city where we don’t know anyone but our real estate agent.

And yes, I will be rebuilding my studio in our brand new city just as quickly as I can.

What does this have to do with you?

All of us started from scratch at one point. Many of us start over at least once in our teaching careers.

Traditionally, it takes a long time to establish and build a studio in a new location. Word of mouth doesn’t bring in a full studio within the first month, and most teachers are dependent on another income (from another job or from a partner) while they rebuild.

So here’s your front-row seat to a studio rebuild that will happen quickly.

You will find this particularly helpful if you find yourself in the position of:

→ Starting over

→ Building your first studio

→ Increasing your studio size quickly

→ Finding yourself unable to rely on another source of income

Here’s a front-row seat to my studio adventure.

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