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Quick Tip: 3 Things You MUST Do Before Launching Your Website

So you’ve invested many hours of your life building a beautiful new studio website that you are tremendously proud of.

Or perhaps you are in the middle of updating your website so that it reflects where your growing studio is headed.

Either way, there are 3 things you absolutely must do before launching your website. They will ensure that your website is ready to represent you well - and are quick to implement.

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Quick Tip: Is Your Font Driving Website Visitors Away?

Have you ever felt irritated when you’re trying to read a website and the font is too small?

Have you found yourself skimming over large blocks of text that seem to go on and on?

Have you noticed how certain fonts let you know right away that a website is extremely outdated?

Changing the font on your website is a super easy way to update your online presence and make parents engaged with your message.

This quick tip post will give you the why and how of updating your font in just a few minutes.

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Quick Tip: The $1000 Contact Button

How do parents contact you?

Let’s say that a parent is on your website. They like what they see, and they’re ready to reach out.

Does it make a difference how they get in touch with you?


This quick tip post will show you:

→ The $1000 difference a contact button can make

→ How to use contact buttons to hear from more parents than ever before

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