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Your Website: Business Card or Power Tool?

A few years ago, your website was likely a simple online presence that listed what you offered and how to contact you - a virtual business card.

Today, though, you can expect far more from your website.

It's a powerful tool for attracting new students, educating parents about music lessons, sharing your policies, connecting with new families, and showcasing the unique qualities of your studio.

Your website is also capable of helping you manage your studio with ease. You can offer tuition payment options, scheduling, enrollment, interactive calendars, and share parent resources.

In this blog post, you’ll see how a teacher in Southern California used a website reboot to prepare for huge studio growth by taking her website from business card to power tool.

You will learn how to use these same techniques to increase the power of you own website and make your job much easier.

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5 Tips to Get Your Website Ready for Fall Enrollment

Does the thought of getting ready for fall lessons feel completely overwhelming?

Are you tired out from spring festivals, recitals, and summer camp planning?

Is vacation (or even a long nap) at the top of your priority list right now?

Does fall enrollment feel like your LAST priority?

You are not alone!

You’ve worked hard this year, given everything to your students, celebrated their successes and supported them through their struggles.

Before you reach that vacation or long nap, though, you can make your life in the fall much easier (and help your student numbers grow) by investing just a small amount of time in your website now.

In this post, I’ll give you 5 quick ways to be sure that your website is ready for fall enrollment - before you say goodbye to your final lesson of the school year.

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Create Graphics for Your Website in 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking for an easy way to take your website design to the next level?

If you are able to design your own simple graphics, you’ll bring a polished, professional edge to your website.

You can also use these steps to create graphics for newsletters, recital programs, and other studio materials.

Creating graphics for your studio materials may seem intimidating at first, but it's actually an easy process. It’s a great way to customize your studio materials and make your message stand out.

What you’ll need:

→ Your computer

→ Thirty to sixty minutes to practice (see what I did there?)

Since you’re usually on the teaching side of the learning process, enjoy this opportunity to learn a new skill!

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How to Write a Bio That Parents Will Read

Let’s talk about you.

Have you ever noticed that it can be hard to talk about yourself?

It’s even harder to talk about yourself in a single paragraph that is meant to be an accurate representation of who you are as a music teacher.

It’s easy to say too much, too little, or to simply name your accomplishments in laundry-list format.

A bio is a tricky piece of writing to get right.


In this blog post, I’ll give you:

→ 4 helpful things to keep in mind when crafting your bio

→ A quick formula for crafting a bio that parents will read to the very last sentence

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3 Quick SEO Tips to Help Parents Find You

Does the idea of working on your website’s SEO make you nervous?

Are you wondering what SEO even is?

Are you looking for some quick ways to improve the SEO of your studio website?

SEO is important to understand, because it gives you control over how easily parents find you. It’s a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.


In this post, I’ll give you:

→ A quick rundown on SEO, and why it matters to your success

→ 3 quick, easy-to-use tips on improving your website’s SEO

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