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Our Favorite Websites of Spring 2019

As a musician, how do you stay inspired?

As a teacher, how do you inspire your students?

As creatives, inspiration is vital to our drive to create, learn, teach, and grow.

When you think of working on your studio website, you probably look at other music studio websites for inspiration. And there are some great websites to draw inspiration from.

But one thing I’ve learned as the owner of a music studio: it’s imperative to my perspective that I also draw inspiration from beyond my own world.

So today’s blog post will show you some fantastic inspiration in the world of web design.

You’ll see websites from a wide range of industries and professions (although - confession - they all have something to do with the arts), and you’ll see how each one can inspire your work on your own studio website.

Enjoy, take notes, and steal the ideas you love!

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