5 Tips to Get Your Website Ready for Fall Enrollment


Does the thought of getting ready for fall lessons feel completely overwhelming?

Are you tired out from spring festivals, recitals, and summer camp planning?

Is vacation (or even a long nap) at the top of your priority list right now?

Does fall enrollment feel like your LAST priority?

You are not alone!

You’ve worked hard this year, given everything to your students, celebrated their successes and supported them through their struggles.

Before you reach that vacation or long nap, though, you can make your life in the fall much easier (and help your student numbers grow) by investing just a small amount of time in your website now.

In this post, I’ll give you 5 quick ways to be sure that your website is ready for fall enrollment - before you say goodbye to your final lesson of the school year.


You might be thinking: why is it important that I get my website ready now? Don’t I have plenty of time before students enroll for fall?

That’s a valid question.

While we are staring at our summer calendars, counting the weeks until we have a little time off to spend with our families, guess what parents in your town are doing.

They are receiving enrollment information for fall activities.

I reached out to the local mom’s group on Facebook to confirm this fact, and every single mom who responded said yes.

At the same time, parents are also hearing stories about spring recitals, how their daughter’s best friend can’t stop playing her recital piece everywhere she goes, how proud their neighbors are of their son's recent school performance.

Parents are thinking about music lessons.

If your studio is anything like mine, you are about to receive an influx of inquiries for the coming year. I receive the majority of my new student inquiries from late spring through mid-summer. My inquiries usually slow down as we approach the start of school, since parents have often already set their schedules and helped their child choose activities for the year.

We’ve all been on websites where the most recent enrollment information is from last year...It doesn’t make that business look good. If you take a little time now and prepare your website for the fall, you’ll be sure that potential parents are receiving current, relevant information. It will save you time, and it will also help you appear professional and prepared. 

So let’s cover 5 quick tips for making sure your website is ready to represent you well to new families:


1. Replace Outdated Photos

Is your headshot more than two years old? Are there any photos on your website that are slightly blurry or grainy? Is your homepage photo a good shot of your students playing the piano...from a football field's length away?

This is a great time to use photos from your spring recital, or to grab a parent who owns a real camera and get some good, updated photos of you and your students.

Two quick reminders as you do this: light and faces. Make sure your light is excellent, and ask your photographer to focus on faces as much as possible.

This will ensure that parents see the energy, life, and fun that takes place in your studio on a weekly basis.

Want to learn more about getting great photos for your website? This blog post will show you how.

2. Update Program Information and Dates

It’s shocking how quickly our program dates become irrelevant. It feels like I just updated the dates for the spring session of my pre-k music program!

Because you can’t expect that parents will continue to revisit your website in hopes that you’ll update with information for the fall, it’s important that all of the information they see on their first visit is correct and relevant. Many potential parents will only visit your website once.

Now is the time to jump ahead of the curve and have your fall program information ready for parents to see.

3. Update Contact Fields

Take a quick look at your contact page. Are you collecting information from parents that is getting you all of the information you need?

Would it be helpful to get a parent’s phone number? Would you like to know the ages of their children?

This is valuable information; it should go directly into your potential client database (if you don’t have one yet, you absolutely should) so that you are able to make a strong connection with each person who reaches out.


4. Update Buttons and Links

While you’re in the back end of your website, it’s a great opportunity to double-check all of your buttons and links. Do they each lead to the place you want them to?

This is a quick step that ensures that you always look professional. It’s worth checking on occasionally.

If you don’t have contact buttons on your website yet, here’s a quick post on why they’re so valuable for your studio.

5. Add Reviews

While your studio parents are basking in the glow of their child’s recent recital triumph, it’s the perfect time to ask them to share a brief review of your studio.

If you want to make it super easy for parents, create a quick Google survey with a couple of questions for parents to answer. You could use questions like:

→ What’s the biggest benefit your child has received during this year of violin lessons?

→ How have piano lessons helped your child grow as a person?

→ What’s your favorite thing about hearing your child practice their instrument?

There are many different questions you could ask, but if you keep the questions short and easy to answer, you increase your chance of getting many parents to respond.

Consider letting parents know that you’ll be using their reviews on your website, to make sure they know this isn’t just personal feedback for you.

If you’d like to learn more about updating your website, you might enjoy this website spring cleaning series.

Your Turn:

How do you feel about updating your website for the fall semester now?

When do you receive the majority of your new student inquiries?

Was this list helpful?

I’d love to hear from you!